CircuitBuilder and Transparency

The last article gave a brief introduction into what we’re doing here at CircuitBuilder – what I’d like to do here is to explain some of our core values and how we aim to become a leader in the world of not just electronic development, but of the whole product development process. This time, we’re looking at transparency.

First of all a slight tangent: I bank with Monzo and am a bit of an evangelist for them. For those who have not heard of them, Monzo is a digital-only bank founded in 2015 and has become one of the fastest growing financial companies in the UK. One thing they do incredibly well is to be very honest and open with their customers. This is a very noble thing to do and should be the norm in any industry. Whereas many established organisations would try to play down problems they encounter, others proactively speak up.

One of our core aims is to be entirely open and honest with our customers, as well as internally with the team we are in the process of building. One of the most obvious ways we are doing that is by giving you, the customer, an open invitation to see your design as it progresses. We won’t surprise you at the end of the process with a design that’s not quite right, or with a bill that’s higher than you were expecting – you will be able to see exactly what you’re getting, and how much you’re paying, at any point in the process.

One of the big advantages of this transparency is that it’s much easier to make changes ‘on the fly’ rather than the more traditional approach of ‘design’, ‘build’, ‘test’ and then back to the start. Changing a design while it is still in the early stages is much quicker (and cheaper) than doing it after a board has been built.

Another way we are promoting the transparency of what we do is the open communication between our engineers and you, the customer. You can call us on the phone, chat via the built-in chat function of add comments to any part of the design. This way there is a continuous dialog to ensure the process is as open as possible.

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